Halon Special Permit

Any person or company possessing halon, which is for use in fire protection equipment or systems, must hold a Halon Special Permit (HSP).

Under the regulations it is an offence of strict liability to possess halon without the appropriate permit. 

Since 1 January 2018, companies can choose from one, two or three year Halon Special Permits.

A HSP is not required for containers of halon physically attached and forming part of an installed fire protection system or extinguisher or where the ODS or SGG is contained within the equipment (e.g. a portable extinguisher containing halon).

How to apply for a Halon Special Permit

A Halon Special Permit may be granted by the Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board where it is satisfied that:

  • the applicant is appropriately experienced and the use of the halon is to protect human life or operate equipment that is critical to the community.
  • there is no practicable and safe alternative available at reasonable cost.

To apply for a HSP an application form must be completed. Download a copy of the application form here.

A Risk Management Plan must also be completed and submitted to the Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board, as part of the application process. A HSP holder may also need to hold an Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation (EATA) if they trade in that halon.