Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence - Qualified Persons

To obtain an EAHL - Qualified Persons Licence, applicants must meet permit application requirements and have achieved the units of competency needed for one or more of the six entitlement types.

For entitlement types and units of competency required, please click here.

For further information relating to applicable licence conditions for the EAHL - Qualified Persons licence, please go to the Licence Conditions section.

To learn about how to obtain the relevant units of competency, please click here. 

If you have completed the relevant units of competency, you can apply for an EAHL - Qualified Persons Licence by completing the form:

EAHL - Qualified Persons application form.

For 2020 fee information, click here.  

There is also a useful  checklist to assist you with ensuring your application can be processed with no delays.