Extinguising Agent Handling Licence - Experienced Persons

The Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board can grant a EAHL - Experienced Persons Licence if it is satisfied that a person is suitably qualified to hold a licence because he or she has engaged in, or supervised, work of the kind to be permitted by the licence. Licence conditions apply to the EAHL - Experienced Persons Licence - for further information see the Licence  Conditions section.

From 1 December 2014, the Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board will only offer one type of EAHL - Experienced Persons Licence, i.e. the EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 6). The EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 6) Licence allows experienced operators to install commission and decommission a fire detection and alarm system, including any remote operation panel, and actuation and control system that interfaces with or forms part of a gaseous fire extinguishing system.

An EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 6) is a transitional licence. It allows experienced technicians to continue to work while their industry experience is assessed and units of competencies undertaken to attain an EAHL - Qualified Persons (Entitlement 6).

The EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 1-5) Licences are no longer available for new applicants or for renewal. From 1 December 2014, technicians handling scheduled ODS and SGG extinguishing agents are required to hold an EAHL - Qualified Persons (Entitlement 1-5) Licence when their EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 1-5) Licence expires.

To apply for an EAHL - Experience Persons (Entitlement 6) Licence complete the form: 

EAHL - Experienced Persons (Entitlement 6) application form. 

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