Scheduled Agents Used in Marine Sector

The importance of safety at sea relies on correct fire protection procedures and proper maintenance of fire protection equipment such as gaseous fire suppression systems. It is important that gaseous fire suppression systems on ships, boats, vessels etc. are installed and maintained by licensed technicians to ensure full functionality in the event of a fire and minimise unnecessary discharges of scheduled extinguishing agents into the atmosphere. 

 As such the Board is determined to ensure that all businesses and individuals are aware of the FPI scheme requirements and improving the knowledge of scheduled extinguishing agents among stakeholders.

The Board has developed communication materials that include a factsheet and article to raise awareness of legislative requirements when using gaseous fire suppression systems containing scheduled extinguishing agent in the marine industry.

We encourage you to view the items below. If you require any further information on the FPI Scheme please call 03 8892 3131.